Taxing a vehicle

First we need a reference number to identify your vehicle

Where to find these documents?

Your V11 reminder letter

You should receive a V11 letter a few weeks before your existing tax is due to run out. If you've moved and not let us know, or are a new keeper you'll need to use one of the other methods below.

Your V5C vehicle registration certificate

You should have received your V5C vehicle registration certificate shortly after acquiring your vehicle.

Your V5C/2 new keeper supplement

You should have received your V5C/2 new keeper supplement (green slip) when you acquired the vehicle.

You must only use vehicle registration documents with your name on.

Contact us if you need to correct the registered keeper of your vehicle.

Don't have any of these documents to tax your vehicle with?

If you have not received a V5C with your name within 2 weeks of acquiring your vehicle, you need to contact us.

If you have lost the V5C with your name on, you can get a replacement.

If you have moved, you need to change the name or address on your V5C registration certificate.