EVL Prototype

Made some changes just to learn how to branch in git, and merge back in. This is that change.

Payment services are unavailable pages

DD is not valid for this vehicle eg. HGV
You cannot use direct debit for this vehicle.

DD is down
Direct debit payments are not available right now, please try again again later if you need to pay by DD.

Card payments are down
Card payments are not available right now, please try again again later if you need to pay by card.

Card payments are down
Card payments are not available right now, and your vehicle is not eligible for payment by Direct Debit.

SORN graphic - trying to stop people using the SORN service with their V11 when they really mean to tax it. Occurs more than you'd think!

Variation 1 (in sorn flow) Variation 2 Variation 3 Variation 4 There are more variations on this sheet

SORN prototype

Current service mirrors taxing a vehicle, but the user research does not support this approach. SORN as new keeper, SORN without a V11 to be looked at - Needs to be it's own thing.

  1. Start page
    A start page on GOV.UK...
  2. Use V5C as primary vehicle reference
    Experimental / User research suggests that people use SORN on seasonal vehicles, or from an insurance enforcement letter so might use a V5C to SORN / data shows +90% us a V11 letter.

Reference number variations

All transactions require a doc ref of some sort. To protect the privacy of owners who pay reduced vehicle tax it is no longer possible to tax a vehicle with a surname and vehicle reg number.

What: Trying to reduce the error rate, and subsequent case work to fix, of users confused by and entering the incorrect reference number when trying to tax their vehicle.

How: Looking at alternative methods to direct the user to find and enter a correct reference number, with only genuinely *new* new keepers using the V2C/2 supplement.

Direct debit

New ways to pay were added in Oct 2014, but has introduced confusion for users.

What: Making the choice of payment crystal clear.

How: The most popular choices are more clearly presented, the least popular (and confusing) are less obvious.

How: Making the direct debit sign up easier.

What: Adoption of a more appropriate address-finder pattern, breaking the form into smaller pieces, reducing the number of steps, making boilerplate statement information optional.

New ones

  1. Start page
    Current start page, runs directly into ...
  2. Guide pictures, each step
    Changed question to specific actions (taxed before or just bought) and each step has document pictogram. More risky actions escalate warning strength to avert misuse.
  3. Added 'warning letter' option off first page
    Added this to direct users coming from a letter sent for untaxed new keepers to a more easily used V5C doc ref.
  4. Two payment options
    Discussion starter - would the reduction in payment options, and the equalising of cost provide enough benefit of reduced customer support to warrent the effort to introduce.
  5. Three payment periods
    After testing of the two payment methods as the first question, which did not result in easier comprehension, this is a different route. User picks the renewal period 1, 6 or 12 months and then chooses how to pay. Needs testing!

Older ones

  1. EVL, as-is first page
    Close to the current EVL page, with slightly corrected text to match the alternate designs below
  2. Radio button chooser
    This option lets users pick one, and enter the number for that reference number type.
  3. Radio button chooser, fixed bottom field position
    Instead of the field and the 'where to find' element moving around under each radio button, this option always reveals the field at the bottom of the list of radio buttons.
  4. Radio button chooser, default open for V11
    This is the same as the first, but the default state has the V11 option selected, and the field for entering that visible.
  5. 2 step process: select first, then enter ref number
    This splits out the choosing the reference number type and entering it into two separate pages/steps.
  6. 2 step process: select first, then enter ref number + expanded single help section
    This has an expanded, single 'Where to find...' expanding section, rather than one for each, and is before the following screen where the number is entered.
  7. Form images: select first, then enter ref number
    This one uses the example images of each form, shown in three columns - the V11 (preferred) had the green continue button, the other two use a text link.
  8. Form images: select first, then enter ref number
    Variation, with the illustration + the radio button in rows.
  9. Form images: select first, then enter ref number
    Slight size difference, fits the button label on one line
  10. Form images: includes the image inside the large radio button area.
    Big and chunky buttons to hit

Rest of EVL flow...

  1. Vehicle details
    Show regmark, vehicle make, class, status page
  2. Renewal period
    User chooses between 6/12 month and Direct Debit annual, 6 or monthly
  3. Renewal period check
    Confirm vehicle, payment, period + add email or mobile for receipt
  4. Pay (cards)
    Payment form for cards

To do

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